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Engine Work .1

Posted: 2nd August 2016
Engine Work
Mr Aid Bennett…. you are a God…. A jet Engine God!   Adrian Bennett of http://www.jetpower.co.uk has spent the last few months in his spare time tinkering away on the NPT301. He’s reassembled it’s electrical system that was previously removed and sorted out it’s wiring. What a job! Eve... read more

Other Projects

I design, build and operate unique machines, rigs and creations for the media industry.

Anything from jet powered vehicles to levitation rigs; I specialise in the unusual!

Engineering, science, pyrotechnics and magic for TV, documentaries, adverts, live shows, exhibitions, education and corporate events.

I also provide a consultancy/feasibility and series development services for engineering and build TV projects.

Full workshop facilities
Will work worldwide
Extreme conditions/locations specialist

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